Travel Spray Unisex Fragrance N°555

Travel Spray Unisex Fragrance N°555

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Eau de Parfum  555 Refillable Purse Spray | Smell Of God

1 bottles 10ml (0.3 oz) with black case

The number 555 represents the inevitability of change. 

555 is a reminder to be open to change and remain adaptable, no matter what the universe brings into your life. 

The number 5, alone, represents the Hamsa hand, which has been used as a symbol of protection across the world. It is also a symbol of power, strength and good fortune. 

Our top notes are carefully selected, allowing a pleasant and smooth transition to the next part of the olfactory pyramid.

Top notes: White woods

Heart notes: Amber wood, solar notes

Base notes: Moss, musk

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