Our Story

Smell of God was founded through a quest to find our world’s most powerful scents.

An aromatic journey across the world, Smell of God brings together fragrances from every corner of the globe. 

The perfect amalgamation of deliciously perfumed scents inspired by the cultures that make our world beautiful. 

Our travelers embarked on an odyssey, searching for the most inspiring and spiritually strengthening scents, from pungent spices to the sweet scent of flowers in bloom.  

Smell of God is a marriage of these adventures, bringing together spiritual teachings and fragrance.

As each traveller returned to share their new knowledge and spiritual awakening, we began using their stories to craft divine perfumes in Grasse, France, home to the world’s most famous perfumes.  

Are you ready to embark on a spiritual journey with Smell of God? Each scent brings about a new form of spiritual awakening and healing. 

Our perfumes mirror your energy and provide you with exactly what you have been searching for: love, abundance, health, clarity, optimism, balance.